What Does a 5G Tower Do?

Michael Morales  -  July 2, 2021  -  ,  

A 5G tower is the infrastructure used to hold the network equipment for the accelerated internet access. It functions differently than cell phone towers you're used to seeing because it emits higher frequency radio waves that are much shorter in length. But they are essentially innocuous.

The hardware for these towers emits high-frequency radio waves that are much shorter in length and while this might sound scary, it’s not something to worry about at all. These new antennas will be installed on top of existing structures like buildings or street lights and they'll work with your current smartphone just as well as any other antenna would. So don't worry! You won't have anything to fear from these new towers popping up around town—they're here to help us all stay connected better than ever before! 

More 5G towers are needed in order to cover the same amount of space that was covered by a single 4G tower, this is because of the fact that 5G towers emit data on an entirely different radio spectrum if compared with the traditional 4G towers that’s why these 5G cells are called “small cells” which can be strapped onto existing infrastructure like street poles. Because of their small cells, the waves are shorter but more powerful in nature, and because of their higher power, some conspiracy theorists have reservations regarding the installation of these towers.

The base for these conspiracies is that 5G somehow relates to radiation, but the thing to keep in mind here is that not every type of radiation causes cancer or has fallout. There are a few myths that are associated with 5G towers in general, top of which is that it causes cancer. 5G signals even though being higher in power than the conventional 4G/LTE signals aren’t strong enough to cause cancer. 5G cannot exceed 100GHz in frequency which is way less than the cancer-causing radiations measured in exahertz (1018 Hertz).

Another very widely accepted myth related to 5G towers is that it is facilitating the spread of COVID-19 or even that the virus originated from these towers. The theory is just preposterous, a virus is a living organism that cannot spread from a radiofrequency tower. According to WHO this myth is top-ranked amongst all the myths associated with COVID-19. Another myth associated with 5G towers is that China is using them to spy on everyone, this is the most sensible myth that is associated with 5G technology.

According to the myth, companies with ties to the communist regime in China were leaving backdoors in order to spy on the people and because of this the former president Donald Trump blacklisted Huawei in the USA. We don’t know whether it's true or not or was it just a ploy in the US-China trade war. But one thing is for sure that these theories regarding 5G towers are baseless.

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