What Are The Types Of Java EE Clients?

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Java EE stands for Java: Enterprise Edition. Java EE is a platform for enterprise applications that simplifies the development process by providing standard services, such as naming, transaction management, concurrency, security, and database access. 

Here are two main types of Java EE clients, which are as follows:

Web Client

The web client consists of further two parts that are 

  • Dynamic Web pages

Dynamic web pages contain various components and the code to handle requests from these components. The various objects that the dynamic webpage handles are text boxes, drop-down lists, and buttons

  • Web Browser

This part is the actual application logic that runs on the server-side in a servlet or EJB container. This means that all processing is done on the server-side, and only HTML fragments are sent back to the browser as responses. 

Application Client

An application client contains both User Interface controls like buttons and text fields, and business logic like validation rules. Its data model also consists of objects representing entities in your business domain, such as customers and orders. 

These objects can be persisted into a database using an object-relational mapping tool like Hibernate or iBATIS. When users log off, their session will still exist until it expires naturally at some point later on. 

Java EE also provides a standard programming model across all layers of an application. This allows developers to focus on writing business logic rather than worrying about how it will be implemented or deployed.

When users log in again, they will automatically resume where they left off last time without re-entering any information whatsoever.

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