Top 9 Free Data Recovery Software Tools

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We all have experienced the heartbreak of losing important files. That probably set you on a mission to recover them. No need to panic- we have you covered with our list of the best data recovery software that are free to use. 

Let’s take a look at the features for the top 9 data recovery software (not in order), according to the experts.

1. TestDisk

“Advanced Disk Recovery works with a wide variety of file formats. External memory cards, USBs, SSds, and hard drives are also supported by the software. Filters can be used to locate and restore files based on time, size, or data in the utility. In the event of an unintentional format, Advanced Disk Recovery may also recover files and folders.”

Sep Niakan, Managing Broker Condoblackbook

2. AnyRecover

“AnyRecover is a data recovery platform that comes in two versions: free and premium. The software can restore files that have been lost or deleted in a variety of data loss situations. AnyRecover can recover data from an empty Recycle Bin, a lost partition, data from an external device, and raw partitions. All storage devices, including digital cameras, PCs, memory cards, and flash drives, are supported by the tool. AnyRecover does not require any technical knowledge.”

Tommy Gallagher, Founder at Top Mobile Banks 

3. Disk Drill

“Disk Drill is a well-known name in the world of free data recovery software. CleverFiles' application scans both external and internal storage devices, ranging from local disc drives to portable USB drives and SD cards. Disk Drill's free edition offers recovery up to 500 MB, rapid scanning with the ability to stop or resume, and recovers files from all regularly used file systems, despite the lack of phone customer service. The program stands out from the competition because of its additional data loss protection capabilities.”

Jason McMahon, Digital Strategist Bambrick

4. DM Disk Editor

“Files can be recovered using DMDE from any type of storage media. The program is intended to help with complex data loss instances that other solutions may not be able to manage. A disc editor, partition manager, and RAID function Object() { [native code] } are among the freeware components included in the commercial package. Individuals with extensive technical data recovery experience should use DMDE. When the systems are damaged, the file system or file signature can be used to recover the data. There's also an automated search option in the tool.”

Adam Garcia, Founder of The Stock Dork

5. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

“EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a simple-to-use tool with a Windows Explorer-like interface and a three-step data recovery process. The program also supports internal and external hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, and other partitions. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, along with Disk Drill, is one of the most popular free data recovery programs. For unintentional data loss, this technology is a viable solution. The developer does, however, offer a paid upgrade if you require more recovery capacity.”

Eric Carrell, Chief Marketing Advisor SurfShark

6. FreeUndelete

“FreeUndelete's main advantage is its user-friendly interface and 'folder drill down' functionality. This system protects files accessible for recovery from being displayed in an unmanageable list. FreeUndelete also has a portable version, filtering and sorting options, and the ability to restore entire folders at once. It also tells users how effective the recovery will be before they begin. Users should be informed that this tool is solely for personal use and not for corporate or commercial usage.”

Darshan Somashekar, Founder & CEO Spider Solitaire Challenge

7. Recuva

“A well-known name in the field of free data recovery software is Recuva. Recuva, a Piriform tool, may retrieve irreversibly deleted files that the operating system has identified as free space. This software supports FAT and NTFS file systems and may be used on hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, MP3 players, and other storage devices. Recuva is also available in both an installable and portable version. The portable version eliminates the risk of overwriting existing data on a hard drive.”

Timothy Robinson, CEO of InVPN

8. Stellar Data Recovery

“Photo, USB, and hard disc recovery are all areas where Stellar Data Recovery excels. Because of its simple and intuitive user interface, the application is suitable for novices and non-technical users. Before performing the last recovery attempt, Stellar Data Recovery provides an in-app preview of the files that are available. Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP, and macOS are all supported by the software.”

Veronica Miller, Cybersecurity Expert VPNoverview 

9. KDirStat

“This software provides a graphical representation of the file system through the underlying directory structure, making it easy to identify where data has been lost. KDirStat recovers accidentally deleted files and folders, not only on the hard disk but also on removable media such as USB drives. It can also be used to rename files saved elsewhere and later recovered by an undelete utility.

“If your computer crashes or you accidentally delete files from your hard disk, KDirStat's integrated search makes it easy to find them again.

“KDirStat is a free open source file and directory statistics viewer for Unix and Windows. It displays a concise graphical overview of the amount of space each directory and its subdirectories consume. By default, KDirStat excludes files larger than 10 MB to avoid cluttered summaries. The stats include the amount of space on each hard drive partition and its soft- and solid-state drives.

“KDirStat allows users to search through all files in their system and to find deleted or inaccessible files. It also shows how much space each directory consumes. The software can compare multiple directories side by side, making it easy to identify where data has been lost. The program can reduce the time it takes to search through large numbers of files by displaying only the first few hundred entries in each directory.”

Lynda Fairly, Co-founder Marketing Numlooker

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