Top 3 Ironic Decisions Of Tech Companies

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The world of technology has progressed so much in a very short time. Looking back a decade ago seems like looking back at the Stone Age. This rapid progress in technology has affected every part of human life. Suppose someone from here 1990 time travels to 2018. It's possible that the person might not understand 90% of our humor, lifestyle, or maybe not even understand our current language due to the addition of so many new words. 

This progress was possible due to the competition in the market between tech giants. Every tech company wants its product to be much more productive than its competition. Often on this road, they mock each other for their products or ideas or call each other useless. But unfortunately, there are certain times when they are wrong, and they have to follow the same idea they want to mock. So in this article, we'll be talking about some big tech companies' ironies. Let's jump into the reading.

The first one is about Microsoft and Apple. When the first iPhone came out back in 2007, the then CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, was asked in an interview about what his impressions are on Apple's iPhone. His reaction was something like this: If I may, the zoom was getting some traction,  $500 fully subsidized with a plan. He said that it is the most expensive phone globally and doesn't appeal to business customers because it doesn't have a keyboard, making it not a very good email machine. He clearly says that people won't like it because iPhone doesn't have a keyboard. He further adds, it may sell very well or not. "You know, we have our strategy. We've got great Windows mobile devices in the market today, and you can get a Motorola Qq phone now for $99. It's a very capable machine. It will make music, do internet and email, instant messaging."

So iPhone is overpriced, which is quite true. And according to BAMA, people won't even consider buying such an overpriced device that doesn't even have a keyboard. In September 2013, Microsoft announced its purchase of Nokia's mobile devices business; in November 2014, Microsoft announced the first Microsoft branded Lumia device, the Lumia 535, a smartphone with a touchscreen, no physical keyboard. The sad thing is that Lumia phones' sales decreased sharply after the introduction of Windows 10 in 2015, and Microsoft briefly stopped selling Lumia devices from the Microsoft Store at the end of 2016. By that time, estimated sales have dropped below 1 million units. However, availability was restored by the beginning of 2017. In October 2017, Microsoft's corporate vice president confirmed that Microsoft would no longer sell or manufacture new windows 10 mobile devices. 

The second one is about Google and Apple. In 2016. At a press event in San Francisco, Google announced the first Pixel phone that was first-ever made by Google inside and out. During this press event, Google mentioned the device's superior camera, a built-in AI-powered personal assistant, unlimited photo storage, a feature that was and still is absent from Apple's newest phone, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. A promo video aired during the event mentioned how the pixel has a headphone jack, making fun of Apple for not having one in its latest models.

Now fast forward to 2017. After the success of the first Pixel phone, Google's pixel two hits the market. But guess what? It took one year for Google to realize that what Apple did was right, but the unfortunate thing was they still made fun of Apple during the press event of Google's pixel two, which is not a good thing to do. Google should have learned from its previous mistakes. 

The third one is about Apple. Back in 2007, when Steve Jobs was presenting the first-ever iPhone at the Macworld, he asked the audience how we will communicate with this iPhone. Then he sarcastically says that we are going to use the stylus to interact with our mobile phone. Still, in the coming few seconds, he rejects the stylus idea and starts telling how pathetic a stylus's idea is. 

In those days, mobile phones with a stylus were considered the most advanced phones, but Apple replaced the stylus with human fingers. 

Who wants a stylus? You have to get them and put them away, and you'll lose them. Ironically, in September 2015, Apple announced its stylus for iPad and named it Apple Pen. The worst part about Apple Pen is you have to buy it separately for $99. Seriously Apple? You're going to mock something and then create the same thing at such a huge price?

So that was all for today. We hope you learn how it is not a good thing to make fun of others because it can bite you back any time. 

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