The 8 Best R Programming Books in 2022

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Anyone looking to learn programming can find numerous online resources, from video tutorials to online courses. Sometimes, however, it’s best to go old-school and pick up a book. Knowing which books are the best can be tricky, so we asked the experts to suggest their top picks.

Here are the best R programming books in 2022 that will help you get through everything from data science to machine learning;

1. R in Action By Robert L. Kabacoff

Dr. Robert L. Kabacoff has written several wonderful books on R, including R in Action, in addition to managing the popular Quick-R website. Also, The second edition of the book describing R provides users with thorough real-world examples from business, science, and technology. 

The R in Action book includes a crash course in statistics in addition to real-world data science challenges and practical R-based solutions. This basically entails describing effective strategies for making sense of incomplete, ambiguous, and massive amounts of data. 

R in Action also shows how to use R's graphical features to explore, manage, and solve data visualization problems. More chapters on data mining, dynamic report creation, and forecasting have been added to the newest edition of the R in Action book.

Jeroen van Gils, CEO at EcomContent

2. Hands-On Programming with R By Garrett Grolemund

The book Hands-On Programming with R explains how to build and disassemble data objects, load data, navigate the R environment, use R's tools, and create user-defined functions. The book accomplishes this in an easy-to-understand manner. To make learning fun, each chapter contains detailed examples that demonstrate how to use a variety of R programming skills, such as data visualization and modeling. 

Garrett Grolemund, the RStudio Master Instructor and co-author of another excellent book based on the R platform, R for Data Science, wrote Hands-On Programming with R. Aside from R, the instructor utilizes the book to teach readers about data science and programming in general. Alejandro Uriarte, Personal Injury Attorney at 1-800 Injured

3. R for Everyone By Jared P. Lander

R for Everyone by - Jared P. Lander is one of the best R- programming books out there. R for Everyone is an R reference book for everyone, as the title says. It begins with the fundamentals of the R programming language and progresses to more sophisticated R tasks such as adding rich documentation, performing advanced analyses, and creating your own packages. It accomplishes so in 30 self-contained chapters chock-full of detailed, hands-on code examples.

R for Everyone makes it simple for professionals and even beginners to get started with R, even if they have never worked with statistical programming before. This is something that the book's author, Jared P. Lander, a well-known data scientist, has been doing for a long time in his career.

As a result, this book is simply an extension of his teaching technique/narrative, which is both simple and enjoyable to comprehend. The R book includes all you need to know about R, from installing and configuring the environment to writing your own optimized R packages. All you need is the will to succeed.

Jason McMahon, Digital Strategist Bambrick

4. R for Data Science: Import, Tidy, Transform, Visualize, and Model Data

For beginners, this book is a gentle guide into the world of R programming. It teaches you R programming in a clear and concise manner in as little time as possible. Another upside is that it teaches you new, easier ways of doing things in R.

Cindy Corpis CEO of SearchPeopleFree.net

5. The Art of R Programming. Diving into Big Data By Matloff N

The Art of R Programming is a journey you take with an experienced guide ready to share all the information about software development, from data types and structures to advanced topics such as closures, recursion, and anonymous functions. You won't need special knowledge of statistics, and your programming experience can range from beginner to professional. 

You will be introduced to functional and object-oriented programming, mathematical modeling, and converting complex data into simple and usable formats. Whether you're designing an airplane,   predicting the weather, or just want to tame your data, The Art of R Programming will be your guide to harnessing the full power of statistical computing. 

Kidyba Iryna, Marketing Manager at Allianz Market

6. R for Dummies

This book, written by Andrie de Vries, Joris Meys, provides a quick method to master the language. You don’t need any programming experience as you learn to reshape and manipulate data. The book also explains why the R language is used among statisticians and data analysts worldwide.

7. The Art of R Programming

Written by Jared P Lander, this book helps in covering basic data types, data structures, closures, recursions, and anonymous functions. In this book, you’ll also learn functional and object-oriented programming and topics like rearranging complex data in simple and readable formats.

8. Machine Learning with R

Machine Learning with R book is a readable guide to applying machine learning to real-world problems. It is helpful for an experienced R user or a beginner. This R guide offers newer and many improved libraries, advice on machines' ethical issues, and an intro to deep learning.

Katherine Brown, the Founder & Marketing Director Spyic

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