Our Team


Michael Morales
Editor in Chief
Michael is a well-known master of Data Science in the US and has worked with some of the top computer companies as a prominent data engineer and cybersecurity analyst. Before forming J-Sim, he developed a cybersecurity course widely accepted across different computer companies and other technological institutions.

Trista Jones

Trista Jones
Manager of Audience Development
Trista has been working for years alongside Michael. She possesses a profound understanding of the industry inclinations and statistics to produce acumens continuously and assess new digital and social platforms within the industry.

Peter Doyle

Peter Doyle
Associate Director of Analytics
Peter spearheads the team responsible for aligning and directing the administration, improvement, and synthesis of data analytics and business knowledge required for supporting the mission & vision of J-sim.org.

Karina Lyons

Senior Associate Reviews Editor
As a language professor, Karina ensures the quality of content we produce by reviewing our content writers' submissions in J-sim.

Clay Kauffman

Editorial Operations Director
Clay assists Michael and the whole team in establishing goals that encourage company growth and oversee the team's daily activities.
J-sim's goal is to be one of the broadest online sources of content for Computer Technology, Internet Security, and anything within the World Wide Web. We aim to provide the information and tools needed to help enhance our readers' minds when it comes to today's technological advancements.
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