New Technologies That Will Soon Become Mainstream

Michael Morales  -  July 20, 2021  -   

With new technologies emerging daily, there is always something that is entering the mainstream market. With technological innovations seeing a boom in the marketplace, let’s see what the experts from the tech world think will soon be mainstream and trending.

Virtual Reality (VR)

“Up until recently, we've seen VR associated mainly with gaming. However, now with virtual retail experiences, people are realizing that this is the future and something that can be integrated into every part of the cycle; design, production, sales, wholesale. And it's a marketing tool.

“However, the utilitarian value of VR software is limited. Introducing productivity and real-life applications (i.e., shopping) to virtual reality will enhance the user experience and bring it closer to becoming a more mainstream, mass-adapted technology.

“Facebook has already implied the introduction of less 'clunky' VR headsets with the Oculus 2. With less to carry around, VR will be more accessible when it comes to moving from location to location, which will also help it reach the mainstream.”

Olga Dogadkina, Founder and CEO at Emperia VR

Screenless Displays

“Yes, they are pretty much what they sound like, displays that display things but without a screen. Shortly, holograms won't be science fiction anymore, as well as contact lenses that shoot images straight into your eyes, which will be a breakthrough for entertainment mediums and blind people.” (Katherine Brown)

Virtual Reality Gaming

“A good example is the Oculus Rift, which was recently bought by Facebook, which can act as both a gaming device and soon be a social device. Tech companies like Samsung are also on the verge of producing their own, which means soon the devices will be readily available in retail stores where consumers can buy, take them anywhere, play, or watch anything.” (Katherine Brown)

Smart Houses

“This invention is a trend that is right on the brink, considering we already have smart appliances like fridges that inform you when you low on particular foods or a smartphone-operated oven. Current innovations will see all these smart gadgets integrated into an entire home unit where you can control everything over your smartphone. The tech is already there, and it's just a matter of putting it together in a consumer-friendly manner.” (Katherine Brown)

Wearable Electronics

“We are already experiencing this to a high degree, but it will expand in the coming years. Inventions like smart-watches and glasses are social devices that connect you with the outside world. Others include earbuds that measure the heart rate, contact lenses that measure the heart rate, and smart-tattoos that can unlock doors.”

Katherine Brown, the Founder & Marketing Director Spyic

3D Printing

“One technological innovation that I strongly believe will face further adoption in society is 3D printing. Nowadays, most enthusiasts own a 3D printer to play around with. However, once more and more designs and materials are becoming available, the adoption will grow. 

This could mean reputable brands offering designs for replacement parts or design ideas. Imagine, instead of buying a product from the shelf, you only buy the blueprints and can print it by yourself. That makes even Amazon’s 24h delivery appear slow.”

Maximilian zur Muehlen, Product Development at Customplasticpart.

Smart Houses

“If you ever watched that old Disney movie in which a smart house controlled everything and went crazy. Well, it is partially true, minus the going crazy part! Nowadays, there are smart electro domestics that you can control from a distance with your phone. Smart houses will increase in popularity as the technology starts to integrate more and more functions that can be controlled from just one device.” (Sam Shepler)

Artificial Intelligence

“Nowadays is the fastest growing sector in the technology field, AI is targeted towards industry development, specifically industry automation. We will be seeing more and more AI software, apart from the ones that we already have available.” (Sam Shepler)

Natural Language Processing

“During the next few years, you will be able to talk to a chatbot without realizing you're talking to a robot. NLP is developed to make chatbot marketing skyrocket, by making the communication process much more effective and comfortable for the customer.” (Sam Shepler)


“If you haven't entered the world of cryptocurrency, now it's the time. Blockchain technology is growing faster than you can imagine; we will see more and more industries (and even countries) adopting cryptos and blockchain technology in the form of NFTs and smart contracts. Sam Shepler, a filmmaker-turned-entrepreneur and CEO of TestimonialHero

Wearable Technologies

“The continued growth of tech and the public’s continued interest in health will help bring wearable technology further into the spotlight. As of now, multiple developments in wearable technology are being made giving them more insight into their health, control over their routine, and even give them more ways to achieve a work-life balance. If the current trend continues, I believe that more and more will pay attention to wearable tech and the benefits it offers.”

Simon Elkjær, Chief Marketing Officer avXperten

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