New Technologies that Help Improve Sleep

Clay Kauffman  -  April 9, 2021  -   

With our daily lives increasingly frenzied and tiring, connected to our gadgets and flashing screens, our body and mind need to recharge with the best sleep possible. 

A good night’s sleep is not really as simple as it sounds. Alarmingly only 38% of adults in the US agree to any degree to waking up rested, with 1 in 4 Americans suffering from insomnia, according to Science Daily

A good night’s sleep is critical to a productive day and the overall well-being of an individual’s mental and physical state. Well, the good news is that technology has provided a variety of innovations and gadgets to help sleep better, from apps, sounds, and music to sleep trackers, beds, and lights. So here are the top 6 sleep products of 2021.

Sleep Glasses

With our increased use of bright screens all day, the blue light disrupts our sleep cycle and causes our minds to become more alert. While often it can’t be avoided when our work requires us to spend excessive time before a screen, there are sleep gadgets that can counter this. One of the best and simplest technology products is sleep glasses, which filter blue light.

White Noise Machines

While white noise and white noise machines are not a recent innovation in sleep aid, new gadgets like smart sleep earbuds have taken it to the next level. They can stay comfortably attached to the ears all night long. The smart earbuds can detect the hear-rate of the user and turn off playback when they detect the user has fallen asleep.

Humidifiers and Diffusers

Humidifiers and diffusers have remained one of the top technology products that improve sleep. They purify the air, remove allergens, and can also be used for diffusing essential oils which help in relieving stress and falling asleep.

Smart Beds

Smart beds have taken sleep aids to the next level. They seem to do it all, whether it is maintaining the ideal bed position, temperature, automated adjustment, and some smart beds are even smart enough to detect snoring and elevate the head position to relieve mild snoring.

Smart Breathing Monitors

One of the most innovative sleep technologies is the sleep-inducing breathing app. It monitors the breathing of the user through sensors and guides them in breathing exercises that help them to fall asleep.

Mattress Cooling Systems

Sleep Research shows one of the reasons for a disrupted sleep is an over-heated mattress. New technology products for sleep present a solution for that too. You could replace the entire mattress with a ventilated gel cooling mattress or else use a cooling system to monitor the temperature settings of the one you already have. The smart cooling system uses a thermostat to maintain the temperature of the mattress.

The technologies in 2021 to aid in sleep are numerous, as Persistence Market Research shows the market for sleep aids gaining popularity globally. The demand for products to improve sleep quality is increasing, with rising numbers of sleep disorders worldwide. The technological market is fast catching up. So here’s hoping there’s something for everyone out there looking for a sound slumber.

Have you tried any sleep aid? Let us know which sleep technology you like the best? 

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