International Travel Threats and Security Risks

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In a fast-paced world that is increasingly globalized, you may be traveling frequently abroad. However, like it or not, international travel has become increasingly risky

However, before traveling internationally, we must carry out a travel risk assessment. Traveling abroad can be particularly dangerous, so to prepare ourselves appropriately, so let’s take a closer look at the potential security risks and threats of international travel.


The recent COVID-19 pandemic situation only emphasizes the gravity of this threat. Traveling abroad exposes you to foreign diseases against which you may not be protected. What’s more- even if you are vaccinated against every possible disease, there is always the stomach bug that accompanies international travels.


Yes, you probably know how to drive in your own country. However, things are very different when you are abroad. It’s easier to get into an accident if you don’t hire a locally experienced driver or chauffeur.


It can happen to you no matter where you go! Pickpockets are experienced and take advantage of your distraction to relieve you of your money or wallet or even passport.

Assaults or Robberies

Apart from the sneaky pickpockets, you are always at risk in a new country for crimes like assault or robberies. As a foreigner, you wouldn’t be aware of local high-risk areas and safer areas. That puts you at greater risk for such crimes. Statistics show an alarming number of travelers have their passports lost or stolen when abroad.

Dangerous Wildlife

A foreign land brings with it foreign insects and animals that you may not be aware of or prepared to deal with, such as mosquitoes, snakes and scorpions among others.


There are many reported and unreported US citizen kidnappings abroad each year, although the official numbers are undisclosed. In an unknown land, we are always vulnerable and criminals can spot potential victims in travelers.


A traveling foreigner is an attraction for all kinds of scams and fraud. Especially when they aren’t accustomed to the local laws and customs. The most common scams include money scams and dressing as authority figures to take the travelers’ ID or money.

Data Theft

95% of public Wi-Fi isn’t encrypted and can be used for data theft if you connect to the network. Your devices hold far too much personal data too and if lost or stolen can easily fall in the wrong hands and result in all your data being stolen.

Travel Safety Tips

So, what can we do about it? 

Well, the good news is- we certainly don’t need to let it hamper us. There are some security measures while traveling that we can take to protect ourselves and our belongings. 

  1. Get the required vaccinations
  2. Assess the risks of the country you are traveling to, with the U.S Department’s website.
  3. Leave your government smartphone or tablet at home.
  4. Password protect your devices.
  5. Understand the road rules and traffic situations for whichever country you go to.
  6. Exercise great caution with what you eat. Drink only bottled water.
  7. Don’t carry large amounts of money. Keep your money in the inside pockets of your clothes. Don’t display your valuables
  8. International Private Security

If we wish to go a step further with our protection- we can always hire professional private security. With these potential risks and more, you can’t put a price tag on your family or employees’ safety and security in travel.

International private security is professionally trained in assessing threats, they are usually well-traveled and have expertise in their client’s destination country. What’s more- they are trained to be discreet, so they won’t be as prominent as the movies show them to be. You’ll be able to go about your business or leisure with relative normalcy.

With so many risks and security measures to consider, travel management alone would slow you down. Even if you plan all your security measures, there is always the risk of getting distracted and forgetting to stay vigilant.

VIPs, swamped businessmen and celebrities could benefit from the facilities of private International security agencies. That would take a load off the mind and you can let them worry about the security details while you are free to concentrate on your business or leisure.

Are you considering traveling abroad? Which security measures are you implementing for your safety?

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