How to Stop Wasting Time On The Internet

Michael Morales  -  November 10, 2020  -  ,  

This probably something you want to work on changing in your life. But when you go to Google, you type in how to change your life; you've probably read our article along with a few more on the internet as well. And all this time, at the end of the day, you thought you were doing something productive to change your life. But all you did was fill your mind with more ideas. This article will discuss how you can specifically stop wasting time on the internet to get things done in your life, where it matters. We've included the ideas on how to reinvent your life, get your life together, and build out that dream vision of the year going forward. 

Let's start with a fundamental premise that is super important, even just one hour a day can change your life. And that doesn't mean that you have not to watch your three hours of Netflix or go from four hours a day on Instagram to zero. It just means one hour. There's a story about Earl Nightingale, where he passed many steelworkers during the Great Depression, and they were all at this point; unemployed even though they had a skill. They were sitting there on their lunch break every day complaining that they're out of work, sitting around altogether, trying to find some new work. Earl was thinking of all these guys when they came home every day after work and what they were doing because if they had dedicated even one hour a day, over the last ten years, each one of them could have become an open heart surgeon in that free time. And it wasn't sacrificing all of their free time. 

So for you, the one-hour-a-day difference could mean becoming a YouTuber or writing the book; you always want it. Finding that dream person or getting and keeping your beach body doesn't take that much to change your life direction. But it does take discipline. 

We think that discipline philosophy is important. There are two primary things that you may use. The first is a piece of technology called the self-control app. Many different internet resources are similar to self-control, and their apps on your phone, their computer apps. Block all social media, all news, and any other thing you would regularly check that adds work. So the second you sit down, there's not only a physical timer in your desk, but you've already blocked all the places that you normally want to check. You're setting a system and having accountability to ensure that you don't do anything outside your activity. 

The second strategy is when you don't want to do something, count from three to two to one, force yourself up out of your chair and go beast mode, and do it. Force yourself in this massive burst of energy. This strategy works when you don't want to do something; set a timer for an hour. And go hard on that activity for an hour every time you don't want to be doing what you're doing. Just remind yourself that you have to do this work until that timer is done. So once that timer is done, your work is done- no need to feel guilty or feel bad, you won't have to do anything after, and you can do whatever you want. 

It doesn't take much to change your life, but it does take being deliberate, and it does take discipline. Those two strategies, using some technology and using a smart strategy, have been monumental not to use the internet. And honestly, if you think about the old days, how do people get so many things done? If you're sitting in a cabin with a candle and a book, what else is there to do? 

Ultimately, the best hack is not being around technology at all. So if you want to get the deep work done, put the devices aside or leave your phone in your car, and then have a quiet focus spot for some time. 

We know none of that's rocket science, but if you do it, you're going to see that it probably works for you too.

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