How Technological Advancements Affect Human Resource Management

Peter Doyle  -  May 5, 2021  -   

Technology has changed the way HR management professionals store their data, contacts their employees, and evaluates performance. Good HR practices increase the company’s profits by increasing productivity and motivation among the employees. Technology is helping a lot in making things easy in every aspect of organizational structure and processes. 

Do you want to know how technological advancements affect human resource management? Read below:

Improved Communication

With emails and text messages it is now easy for the Human Resource department to stay in touch with the employees. The manager can share entire schedules or any important notices by sharing them on Slack, email, or in a WhatsApp group. With a single click, the whole company gets notified instantaneously.

Ease of Recruiting

All the HR professionals are well aware of the fact that recruiting is a time-consuming and tiring job. Luckily technology and artificial intelligence has made the task very easy and intuitive. 

Companies now have automatic scanners that can easily read individual CVs and AI-based software sorts out all the candidates’ CVs in their respective categories within seconds. The HR department no longer needs to read each and every resume. 

The HR department needs to just go through the last stage of recruitment manually, where they need to shortlist potential candidates and choose and hire the best candidate for the job.

Security Practices

Historically, companies used lockers and secured cabinets to secure employee’s data and other confidential documents. However, in the year 2021, the best HR practices include providing privacy and security of digital data, both employee-related and company-related. 

Companies today use firewalls, automatic and manual offsite backups, and employee cybersecurity specialists to protect their confidential data.

Monitor Employees

The HR department keeps an eye on their employees without having to leave their office. Security cameras installed at the production sites, assembly lines, storage units, etc. help monitor employee activity using a laptop. 

Live or archived footage can be accessed remotely, from anywhere in the world to keep an eye on the employees’ performance. 

Technological advancements such as activity tracking and monitoring of individual workstations have resulted in more productive employees.


Technological advancement has revolutionized modern HR management. Of course, technology can by no means rival human capacity for analysis and decision making. There are certain tasks that only humans can undertake. Technology in HR, or any field for that matter, exists to assist human beings to make better, quicker, and the most accurate decisions.

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