How Tech Companies Can Better Identify And Convert Customers In A Competitive Market

Michael Morales  -  October 21, 2020  -   

What is the ultimate goal for every tech company? To increase sales. As the CEO of a media agency that specializes in PR for tech companies, I know that most businesses and technology companies are focused on the bottom line. At the end of the day, it is the goal that arguably matters most. 

So, what are tech enterprises doing differently that paves the way for more success? Well, the answer seems simple: They identify their ideal customers and convert them. However, this involves a lot of moving pieces and a comprehensive strategy that amplifies the brand voice, engages their audience and develops brand trust and loyalty.

By implementing the following tips on how to target consumers effectively and convert them into sales, companies can learn to close more leads and secure more paying customers.


• Segment your audience: This is a concept that refers to breaking up your audience into different groups based on what each group needs. By segmenting the audience, companies can divide them up by behavior, how much time has passed since they visited the website and other data, such as purchase history. Different segments need different techniques in order for outreach to appear personalized.

• Build brand awareness: Instead of trying to market or sell, aim to educate. When a company chooses to share valuable knowledge about its industry, prospective customers will naturally gravitate toward the company and view it as a brand with a genuine voice. This allows the brand to speak for itself and conveys the company’s expertise in the industry.

• Create quality content: Leverage blog posts, white papers, e-books, gated content, visual content, guest posts and videos so potential customers can become familiar with your brand. Companies should research specific pain points of target audiences and use that knowledge to create content that demonstrates their understanding of their target base. Mastering this can lead to an increase in new, existing and returning customers. Guest posts don’t restrict the brand’s reach to their own blog posts and help create a mutualistic relationship among companies. This, in turn, exposes both brands to different audiences.

• Use social media: Social media can be key in reaching a wide audience to share brand voice and prompt a call to action. Companies should focus on just a few platforms, engage with their top followers, implement a social calendar to ensure regular posting and vary content by mixing curated, paid and created posts.

• Find an influencer: Working closely with influencers and brand ambassadors whose niche aligns with a company will establish a third-party endorsement that speaks volumes to their loyal followers.

Once the right audience is identified and a company has begun developing its brand voice and showcasing its industry expertise, conversion strategies will need to be established to convert those interested audiences into paid customers.

Selling and converting

• Embrace funnel marketing: This marketing strategy outlines the process from awareness to conversion. By using funnel marketing, companies can target leads and filter out uninterested contacts, therefore making it easier to develop the right conversion strategy.

• Create personalized ads: Instead of using generic ads to reach an audience, companies should take the time to personalize ads. Consumers want to know that brands have their best interests at heart, and ad personalization demonstrates that a company knows who their consumers are and are striving to build a connection with them.

• Build a website: In today’s digital age, this is not optional. A website is necessary. It’s the main source of information for a company and should have a branded design, a lead capture mechanism with value and impactful content that is published on a consistent basis. This can be anything from blogs and articles to podcasts or videos. The more content a company has for the consumer to engage with, the better. 

• Consider SEO and landing pages: Tech companies should create enhanced landing pages for searches that are hyper-targeted to an ideal customer base. In my experience, applying SEO tactics to websites, landing pages, blog posts and more can help drive organic searches and ultimately more traffic to a website. I've also found that landing pages that are relevant, well-designed, personal and consist of fewer form fields while offering more benefits typically perform better and keep visitors on the page longer. Pages should call out potential return on investment for customers, answer FAQs and provide several opportunities to purchase or sign up for emails, updates, etc.

• Share testimonials: Prospective consumers want firsthand accounts of what a product or service is like and how it has benefited others. These highlighted testimonials from past consumers are a great way for companies to encourage prospects to buy a product or service. Strong testimonials are an essential tool that I've seen can lead to tremendous results.

• Analyze data: Paying attention to metrics such as the conversion rate, entrance pages, exit pages, website traffic, social media engagement and more is very important in determining how a company should direct its efforts. Monitoring the data vigilantly for changes allows a company to understand what is causing fluctuations or changes in behavior. Using data to inform future decisions means companies are more educated in their approach, ultimately closing more leads.

Don’t be afraid to start from scratch if old tactics don’t work.

If something isn’t working, it’s important to stop and reevaluate. The most successful companies aren’t afraid to make mistakes, but they learn from them and pivot quickly.

There are many strategies that can improve the sales cycle, but starting with a few tried-and-true approaches helps to set a direction toward success. When care is taken to do a few things right, customers take notice, and the value of the brand increases.

SOURCE: Shama Hyder
VIA: AdAge

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