Tech Degree Tier List (Best Technology Majors Ranked)

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Hey, what's happening? Today we will do the technology degree tier list. We have to admit, researching this particular tier list was the most difficult. It wasn't easy to make this list because there are so many random technology-related degrees out there. And they're all somewhat similar, with just tiny differences between them. But we did spend a ton of time researching that. Also, we will go over this list quickly.

Let's get this one out of the way- computer science. This one might be the best degree to get objectively out of all the degrees we have on this list. It's fantastic, especially at this time in history that we're at right now. This is a highly coveted skillset, nothing more to say on that one. 

The next one on the list is computer information systems. This one is just focused on the practical applications of technology that businesses need. And it's a really good one because you're combining technology skills with business skills, one of the best on the list. I almost put it first, but some of the other ones are just slightly better when it comes to the stats. And so, for that reason, this one goes in a tear. 

The next one on the list is information technology- the study of systems for storing, retrieving, and sending information. I think everyone knows what I.T. guys are; they take care of all the practical day-to-day technology needs of a business. And there's honestly a ton of different degrees that are somewhat related to it. I decided to group them all. This one is getting a little bit saturated because of all the hype- don't get us wrong, it's still a good degree. I know several people who graduated with an I.T. degree, and they're super happy with it when you compare it to other technology degrees, which generally are just good.

Now one that's very closely related to I.T. is Information Technology Management. So this combines the information technology skill set with more of a leadership focus. Companies love people that have that leadership or that management mindset. And so for that reason, its management is better than it was before. 

The next one on the list is cybersecurity. And this one was one of the hardest for us to rank; we can see this one becoming huge. And maybe we'll do another article like a year from now; the stats might be different. 

The next one on the list is information security and assurance. This one is kind of similar to cybersecurity. There's a lot of similarities there. And you'll notice this over and over again when you're researching technology degrees, where it sounds like they do the same thing when you read the job description. But there are subtle little differences there, which makes it so important for you to do your research and talk to people who are doing these careers if you're interested. The stats on this one are slightly better than cybersecurity. 

The next one on the list is information science. And this is very interesting because it combines the technical aspect of computer science with some of the more social or human aspects of information, in general. It's the study of how societies and human beings interact with information or how humans interact with the digital world in layman's terms. It's very similar to data science, but it has a little bit less focus on business. And you can see how this one would be extremely useful, especially in this modern world. We think this one would combine well with a business degree. And overall, the stats are pretty good. 

The next one on the list is computer graphics technology. And this combines computer skills with more design elements. You use your creative skills to communicate an idea visually. Now this one could prepare you for a bunch of different careers. You could go into industry advertising, game development, all kinds of different sort of things, maybe education or entertainment. So if you're interested in the arts, you also want to be a little more practical and be with the times, this one might be a good one for you. However, if we compare them to the other technology degrees, their statistics are not as good. 

The next one on the list is telecommunications. Now this one is technically a B.A. or a Bachelor of Arts. However, it does have an emphasis on technology. And this might be a good one for you to look into if you want to go into writing, marketing, promotions, journalism, and other careers like that. This kind combines skills that you learn in communications with technology, an industry that will be huge in the future. 

Technology administration is the last on the list. This is where you make sure that a company's computer software programs and their security functions run smoothly without any hiccup. It's similar to an I.T. degree, and in fact, you will be competing with I.T majors for a lot of the same jobs. The problem is that the statistics aren't nearly as good as an I.T. degree since their graduates will know how to do everything you do.

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