Dos and Don’ts of App Development and Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Clay Kauffman  -  April 12, 2022  -   

Developing your app is no easy feat; it’s a long, grueling, and challenging task. Not many are successful in creating a perfect final product, and most apps you see in the app stores are failing. This happens because of some critical mistakes that the developers make which can easily be avoided.

To help App developers streamline their product and better market it, we talked to the experts who shared some dos and don’ts for App Entrepreneurs. 


Neglect to Include A Growth Hack

“I believe the biggest mistakes app entrepreneurs make when marketing an app is not including a growth hack from within the app. The app marketplaces are incredibly saturated and it's not sustainable paying for every single download you get via PPC or other means. Instead, a good growth hack rewards users from within the app for inviting their friends. This may be a digital currency or an unlocked feature. 

“This is how you can turn 100 users into 100000 sustainably without breaking the bank. If the growth hack isn't working and people aren't inviting then it means the incentive isn't good enough.”

Joshua Wood, CEO and founder of Bloc, a social events app

Trying to Build Everything Right Away

“The main mistake our clients are making is to want to build everything right away. This has a major negative impact on their ability to reach the market as fast as possible. Most of the time, the users don't really need to have all the features we have in mind - there is a subset of these features that are actually required. The rest is optional. A nice-to-have. But it's definitely not required.

“The impact of not limiting the initial scope is major: you're delaying your sales, you're giving time to your competitors to reach your potential customers first. And you're probably limiting the quality of the most important features so that you can add even more features - which won't be used. 

“Our advice is to strictly limit your first releases on the scope of the Minimum Valuable Product (MVP). It does not mean a low-quality product with a lot of features. It means a high-quality but limited set of features.  You should focus on the most important features for your users, and deliver the best experience ever on this subset. This will have a  way bigger impact and will generate a way better user satisfaction than a large set of features, but with a very low quality. 

“Product Management practices are all about this: focusing on the real user needs. Then you decide the priorities depending on your business objectives and budget.”

Albin Poignot, Co-founder and Product Manager Linky Product

Building An App Without A Market Analysis

“App entrepreneurs often make the mistake of building their apps without researching what's out there and who might use it. They jump into development, assuming that users will love the app, but that is not always true.” (Ella Hao)

Not Vetting Developers Before Hiring Them

“App entrepreneurs often hire freelancers without vetting them first. Freelance developers often provide more value to an app startup by working closely with the app entrepreneurs on features from start to finish, rather than just providing a part of the app for a predetermined price.” (Ella Hao)

Hiring An Agency Before Researching What They Provide

“App entrepreneurs often don't do their due diligence and learn about different agencies' services before hiring them to develop or market their apps. This often results in poor marketing strategies and results.” (Ella Hao)

Not Testing App Functionality Early On In The Development Process

“App entrepreneurs often fail to test their apps before launching them because they want everything perfect first and think it's better to get feedback from users once they have the finished product.” (Ella Hao)

Not Having An App Makeover In Order For It To Stay Current

“Some app entrepreneurs think that having an app makeover is a waste of money. The truth is, apps need to be updated every year for them to stay fresh and current.” (Ella Hao)

Relying On Social Media For Marketing

“App entrepreneurs often rely exclusively on social media platforms for marketing because they are quick-acting and can reach many people with minimal effort.”

Ella Hao, Head of Digital Marketing at WellPCB


Initially Develop For One Platform

“It's difficult to create a successful mobile app. All cell app creators have a slim chance of succeeding. New app developers who are just getting started in the game are reluctant to take risks because most new apps go ignored in the market. This is a typical blunder made by app developers. Because there are hundreds of thousands of apps on Google Play and Apple Store, entrepreneurs confront a tremendously competitive environment. 

“Rather than double the cost of developing an app for different architectures, one should initially focus on developing a single platform. By concurrently releasing a mobile app on many platforms, you extend the development time and cost. Furthermore, any modifications to the app's design and/or functionality made on one platform must be replicated across other platforms. 

“As a result, builders must avoid making the mistake of growing many systems at the same time. Most mobile apps fail in the market because they have either few or too many features.”

Lee Grant, CEO at Wrangu

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