6 Pros and Cons of Technology on Kids

Peter Doyle  -  September 2, 2021  -   

While technology brings with it numerous advantages, there are always some downsides too. Despite this, technology has become an integral part of every adult’s life. However, while we navigate through the benefits and the disadvantages of technology for running our everyday life and work- we do overlook the fact that the same technology is also freely available to most children. 

So how does technology affect kids? Talking to experts in the tech world, we have come up with a list of pros and cons for technology when it comes to children.

Con#1: Technology Reduces The Creativity Of The People

“One of the worst aspects of modern technology is that it diminishes people's inventiveness. As I previously stated, contemporary technology is the most distracting factor in today's world. People are always engrossed in current technology devices, which limits their inventiveness.

“Finding new, intriguing, and original ideas in everything and putting them into practice is what creativity is all about, and these creative ideas emerge from deep thinking. They occupy their minds, however, by employing only modern technical equipment, thanks to the usage of technology. As a result, people lose their ability to be creative.” (Edward Mellett)

Pro# 1: Improved Communication

“The technology used for communication: Because of communicational technology, it is now very easy for people to contact and communicate with people all over the world in today's world. The best example of communication technology is mobile phones; 

  1. People can contact and communicate with people, acquaintances, and relatives all across the world extremely conveniently and at a low cost using mobile phones.
  2. People used letters to communicate with their relatives and friends before the introduction of mobile phones and telephones. 
  3. People found it difficult to converse through letters because it took a long time and cost money to mail letters. However, since the introduction of telephones and cell phones, it has become much easier for people to interact with their families in a matter of seconds. We may also make video calls to our relatives and friends using our mobile phones. And I believe that this is one of the most beneficial aspects of technology for humans. It saves people in communication both time and money.”

(Edward Mellett)

Pro#2: Better Motor Skills In Kids

“Toddlers, not teenagers. Baby hands are typically large for their age. Normal. Computers, keyboards, mice, and touchpads provide kids' hands with a terrific workout. It's the same with video games and tablets. Great workout. They are all highly user-friendly. Keys and mouse clicks no longer need to be pressed hard, putting bones and joints at risk. These toys are safe for kids. Toddlers master fine motor abilities. They have more dexterity.” (Edward Mellett)

Con#2: Sedentism

“Technological marvels would certainly help a child's brain development, but what about their bodies? Electronically addicted children avoid playgrounds, parks, and other outside activities. These kids may never enjoy sports. They may become unfit, ill, and grow slowly. Outdoor activities and sports provide a child with the required exercise. Obesity is rising as children are more discouraged from enjoying nature and exercising. Aside from lousy diets, it's technology.

“This is a simple problem. Limit the time or gadgets that youngsters can use technology. That forces them to do things that kids have done for decades.”

Edward Mellett, Founder/Co-Founder WikiJob.co.uk 

Pro#3: Access to Diverse Information

“The biggest advantage of technology on kids is direct access to information from diverse sources across the globe. This direct access exposes young people to different perspectives as well as world views, which can make them more tolerant and empathetic towards others.” (Eric McGee)

Con#3: Using it for Nefarious Activities

“The main con of technology is that kids can use it for nefarious activities such as watching porn, or bullying. Another disadvantage of technology on kids is that it can become addictive leading to social isolation, which has negative effects on their overall development and mental well-being.”

Eric McGee, Senior Network Engineer, TRGDatacenters

Pro#4: Provides A Source Of Educational Entertainment

“Using technology allows kids to be entertained and educated at the same time. There are many educational apps available for kids these days, such as word puzzles and spelling games. They can easily download such apps and increase their knowledge in various domains. The interactive interface of such games is designed particularly to entertain as well as educate children, so it is a win-win situation for parents.” (Elizabeth Hicks)

Con#5: It Reduces Personal Interactions

“Using technology for many hours a day keeps the children distracted to such an extent that they don’t interact with anyone around them. Being so socially distant at a young age can make it difficult for them to form meaningful relationships later on in their lives. Moreover, it might cause them to be less empathetic towards the needs of others around them.”

Elizabeth Hicks, Co-Founder of Parenting Nerd

Pro#6: Gadgets to Explore the World, Con#6: Can Result in Potential Health Problems

“Just like most things, tech and gadgets both have pros and cons. When used by kids and children, this tech and gadgets can give children new ways to explore the world and challenge the limits of learning. This being said, the excessive and irresponsible use of such tech can cause potential health problems for your child and might even expose them to the threats and dangers of the digital space. 

“In order to prevent this from happening, parents and guardians need to make sure that they put limits and necessary safety precautions in place. Doing so will help children have a better and more secure tech experience.”

Simon Elkjær, Chief Marketing Officer, avXperten

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