11 Tips and Tricks to Learn Programming Faster

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In this digital era, it’s all about your tech skills, and programming experts are ever in demand these days. If you have decided to gain some programming skills, you can begin with learning what you need to learn. We asked the experts to share their best tips and trick that will guide you down the fastest- and the best path to gaining those coveted programming skills.

  1. Practice More Rather Than Just Reading

Reading is the most common error students make when learning to program. It is not enough to have practical knowledge of the skills. It's easy to read about variables and loops without understanding how to use them in practice. So, as soon as you begin reading about codes, you should begin putting them into practice as well. 

It's a great technique to learn coding by seeing various outcomes and optimizing the code to try out new solutions. This, in turn, can help you think more logically. As a result, this becomes one of the strategies for learning to program more quickly.

Jason McMahon, Digital Strategist Bambrick

  1. Conceptual Understanding

Above all else, focus on conceptual understanding. While there are plenty of online courses to follow, simply checking off videos as you go doesn't mean you're learning as much as possible. 

You'll save time in the long run if you can accurately describe what you've just learned, instead of having to go back later when you come across something you didn't understand in the first place.

  1. Focus on One or Two Languages

Next, I'd focus on one or two languages tops. There's a common misconception that new developers need to pad their resumes with multiple languages. Chances are, you'll only use one or two in your next job. Plus, a strong understanding of one language makes it easier to identify how other ones work.

Lastly, don't spread yourself out over too many learning mediums. You can go through Codecademy's or FreeCodeCamp's various curriculums, depending on your interests, and become a good programmer. You don't need to buy courses, books, tutorials, and more. 

James is a Web Developer, Digital Marketing Consultant, and Founder of TheMarketingDev.com.

  1. Spend Much Time On The Basics

People who learn to program often make a big mistake: they try to skip the basics and start coding as quickly as possible. So don't think that learning the basics is just wasting your time. Try to delve into each of their concepts, because this way you will spend less time learning programming as a result. 

  1. Do Test Runs Of Your Programs

If you plan to pursue a career in development, try to develop this habit early on in your studies. 

  1. Think Outside The Box

If you want to make progress in your career, writing a thousand lines of code a week won't be enough. You need to understand your customers' business and suggest ways to improve it.

  1. Practice a Lot

If you spend two hours a day learning new concepts, you should spend at least an hour writing code. The proverb “master skill sets” is applicable in programming like in no other field.

Tim Absalikov, Co-Founder and CEO of Lasting Trend; Digital Marketing Agency in New York

  1. Program as Much as You Can

The main tip is to program as much as possible, starting from small things like printing Hello world in your application and gradually progress to harder things. For that purpose, it is great to create some small home projects and try to scale them from small basic functionality to more complex one. 

  1. Use Courses and Tutorials Online

For educational purposes is good to use any courses, tutorials available for free or educational platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, etc. A tip to find a quick solution, examples, or ask questions is to join the biggest programmers community on stackoverflow.com

  1. Find A Mentor

One of the best tricks to speed up learning is to find a mentor who, in person, will help to answer questions, solve issues and direct with a learning plan. To find a mentor is good to use Linkedin. The goal is just to look for a person who has expertise in the programming language is needed to learn. There are even some developers that are looking for such an opportunity to mentor. So it is not so hard to find a proper person.

Maksym Mostovyi, Software Developer Working in CyberSecurity and BigData domain.

  1. Share, Teach, Discuss & Ask For Help

One of the best ways to learn to program easily & quickly is teaching. Teaching to someone is sharing your knowledge; doing conversations with other programmers will make you a better programmer faster. Teaching to someone is developing yourself too, so if you can profess to somebody, that means you truly grasp the concepts. It is the best habit to gain something in-depth & you understand you don’t need to come back on a similar topic. When you determine to program, do not hesitate in asking for guidance. Beginners practice this mistake & feel shy when they want to ask for help. So, it is good to spot either a mentor or seize help from fellow programmers to grasp the concepts clearly & faster. Your mentor or professional can escort you better because they have already been in your shoes before. 

Brack Nelson, Marketing Director of Incrementors

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